City View: Seattle

I totally did not want to replicate that kiss with my shitty ex-boyfriend Mike. Nope.

I’ve wanted to move to Seattle since roughly three weeks after “Singles” was released.

Somehow, it never happened.

So, for the last…fuuuuuuuck, thirty years, I guess, I’ve hung onto Seattle just “being there” for whenever I decided to get off my ass and move there and, you know, marry Steve. (If you don’t know who Steve is, then you should not even be reading this post.)

I had eyeballed 2019 as “The Year I STFU and Move to Seattle Already” but, fortunately for me, my company laid me off, and the 2019 plan moved up by about 8 months.

So, for the first time ever, thirty years after I first witnessed Janet Livermore making a salad out of whatever-the-fuck-was-in-her-fridge in order to get over Cliff Poncier, I finally got to the Emerald City.

And it was everything I hoped/knew/thought it could be.

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