She really likes that globe…

TravelHussy is the journeywoman wing of the Notorious Media Group.

It’s a collection of travel stories and observations about places, people, things, customs, hotels, and bars. Mostly bars. Okay, not mostly bars. A lot of bars.

TravelHussy likes to get her drink on in many locations.

Travel content across the web and in print publications tends to focus on the general, rather than the specific. “10 Great Cities to Visit.” “48 Hours in Barcelona.” “Best Burgers Across the US.”

It’s all valid and informative and yadda yadda yadda but — where’s the attitude? Where’s the detail? Where’s the intel that matters to ME? (It’s all about me, if you haven’t noticed already.)

Where, say, should a woman of forty-hm-hm years travel to in, maybe, Berlin, where she 1) won’t get harassed for being alone, 2) can walk to and from her hotel without being accosted, 3) can drink a gorgeous bartender under the table for less than twenty bucks and a commemorative t-shirt with “Einen schönen Tag noch” splashed on it over a happy face with a bullet hole in its forehead?

These are the kinds of things we need to know.

And we’re betting there are others out there who need to know them too.

Will there be reviews? Sure. Destinations? You bet. Recommendations on food, drink, entertainment? Obviously. Beautiful photos of stunning locations? COME ON.

But there will also be s

But there will also be swearing, take-no-prisoners blisteringly honest feedback, more swearing, some drinking, okay a lot of drinking, and travel content from a distinctively single broads abroad point of view.

If that’s not your particular cup of cafe au lait, then you’d best be off. Go forth and enjoy all the other stellar travel content out there. We’ll be right here, enjoying an icy glass of giniver with a view of the Prinselgracht and enjoying the fact that someone hasn’t hit on us in over an hour.

Yeah. It’s THAT kind of site.

A sampling of content you might find within TravelHussy:

  • Put Your Shoes on Goddammit, This Plane is Not Your Fucking Bedroom
  • Why the Hotel Bar at the Savoy is a Refined Version of Hell – An Opera in Two Parts
  • Top 10 Bars You Should Visit Before You Die
  • Top 10 Bars You Might Die In, You Know, if That’s Your Thing
  • Trip Advisor: An Exercise in Passive Aggressive Reviewing
  • Who Thought this AirBnB Qualified as a Proper Place for a Lady? – A One-Woman Show in Three Acts
  • Observations from the Erin Rose Bar on Conti Street in New Orleans (aka “When the bartender pours a shot of medicinal Dutch alcohol at nine a.m. you’re drinking it and never looking back.”) 

Please note that hotel reviews will include information and observations exclusive to TravelHussy and that would otherwise be of no value to Trip Advisor or Yelp or any other anonymous digital reviewing platform where assholes are plentiful and genuinely interesting details get lost in the bitchery fray (do I care that you found a hair on your toilet seat, Martha? No. No I do-fucking-not.)

Trip out, bitches.

TravelHussy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Notorious Media Group. All rights reserved.